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Welcome to nodenspace.com (hereinafter referred to as "nodenspace.com" / "We" / "Us" / "Our"). We value your trust and take great care to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the content we provide. Our commitment to due accuracy is fundamental in gaining and maintaining your trust as our audience.

Defining Due Accuracy

We understand "due accuracy" as not just meeting the standard requirements of accuracy but also ensuring that the essence and context of the information are satisfactory. In pursuit of due accuracy, we consider various factors such as the nature of the content, subject matter, and the expectations of our audience. Our goal is to present the most accurate and reliable information, which is corroborated by direct stakeholders whenever possible. To achieve this, we approach each news report with skepticism, questioning assumptions, and challenging conventional wisdom.

Navigating User-Generated Content

User-generated content presents unique challenges, as we cannot assume its accuracy outright. Depending on how we intend to use such content, we take reasonable steps to verify its veracity. When incorporating information from lobby groups or individuals with vested interests in a story, we exercise caution and ensure clear identification of user-generated content. We acknowledge that sources that appear reliable on the internet may not always provide accurate information. Therefore, we verify the credibility of such sources and distinguish facts from rumors, especially when dealing with material from social media, where misinformation can spread rapidly.

Corrections Policy

At nodenspace.com, we are dedicated to transparency and accountability. Our Corrections Policy outlines the measures we take in case incorrect information is published on our website.

Publishing Corrections

Should we identify the need to substantively correct an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video, or any other material, we promptly publish a correction to explain the change and the reasons behind it.

Providing Clarifications

We acknowledge that sometimes the language we use to explain facts may lack clarity or detail. In such cases, we rewrite the content and provide clarifications within the story. Additionally, if we fail to seek a comment or response initially, we ensure to include it subsequently. We also update our account of an event if new reporting warrants it.

Other Corrections Procedures

We value the engagement of our readers and welcome any errors pointed out by them. When a reader identifies an error and posts it in the comments section, our community engagement team acknowledges the correction. On social media platforms, we correct any erroneous information we may have published. In cases where we are unable to alter the incorrect information, we retract it. We believe in a collective responsibility and do not attribute blame to individual reporters or editors for errors.

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